Lifestyle Healing

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Modern medicine can do wonders treating a disease once it arises. But how much easier would it be, how much less painful and stressful, if your life is not visited by health problems in the first place? With 22 years of clinical experience, Dr. Li Zheng has accumulated a wealth of practical knowledge about prevention, ways of boosting your body's natural defenses, to keep you healthy and happy without costly visits to the doctors office. The pages below contain both general guidelines and specific advice for certain age groups such as women hoping to become pregnant and cancer patients.


Recipes and nutrion tips from the Zheng family to yours. Learn how to stay healthy with simple Chinese cooking.

herbal medicine clay pot Exercise

Learn a special exercise regime for longevity. The ninety-year-old woman in China who developed this exercise regime claims that it has been her secret to wellness for the last few decades.


Special advice for survivors and patients of cancer drawn from Li Zheng's experience working for the renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute as well as her own father's battle with lung cancer.